Mental Golf Lets You Play Your Best Golf

Mental Golf Play Best

If only playing in a tournament was like your practice session. People always seem to do better during their practice. It's when they have to perform under pressure that they begin to slide. So what can you do to help make your results during competitive play more like those that you got during your practice round? Mental Golf. Because mental golf lets you play your best golf. What do I mean by that? Well, one of the main reasons that people perform worse during competitive play is that … [Read more...]

Bob Rotella’s Top 10 Rules for Your Mental Golf Game

Top 10 Mental Golf

Okay, okay, so I sometimes appreciate a good "top 10" list... Aside from Stockton's "top 10" list that I posted a few days ago, I stumbled upon another gem. In 2009, sports psychologist Dr. Bob Rotella (who trained many golf pros and has written a lot of books on mental golf) released what he calls the "10 Rules For How To Win Your Major". Most of the rules encourage golfers to focus on the mental game. He might as well have called it Bob Rotella's top 10 rules for your mental golf … [Read more...]

Dave Stockton Encourages Focus on Mental Golf


I'm not the biggest fan of "top 10 rules" for golfers. Why? Because anyone who thinks their the expert can just list off what they think are the golden rules. It's really not so meaningful. But recently I saw one that made me think twice... Back in 2008, golf pro Dave Stockton put together his list, which he called: "10 Rules: How to make six-footers". After reading it over, I was blown away by how much Dave Stockton encourages focus on mental golf. See how many of his rules relate to mental … [Read more...]

Train Your Mind to Focus with Mental Golf

Focus with Mental Golf

We've all experienced a bad putt…  That 1-foot stinker that really ruined your day and had you grumbling all the way home that evening… That one bad shot made you all tense, caused you to lose focus on the rest of your game, and probably ruined several shots after it. How did that one putt go so bad? Bad putts like this one are often due to thinking ahead. When you approach a shot, don’t think of what you’ll be faced with should the ball roll past the cup by a foot. If you don’t focus on this … [Read more...]

Mental Golf Tips: Get Your Mental Golf Game Up To Par

mental golf tips

Working on your swing will make you better.  But when you get your mental golf game up to par, that will lower your score even more. Lisa Mason, writing on Yahoo, put together this collection of mental golf tips. I am interested in what you think of them.... Get Your Mental Golf Game Up To Par There is an old golf saying that goes, "Golf is 90 percent mental, and 10 percent mental." While it's meant in jest, there is so much truth to this. Your mental game is so important to how you … [Read more...]

Mental Golf Tips: Focus On Do — Smallest Target

Mental golf tips

Here are two great mental golf tips from Jennifer Greggain, writing the The Star Phoenix She played professionally on tour for over 10 years, including two years on the LPGA. She was also named the 2010 CN Canadian Women’s Tour Low Teaching Pro of the Year. Focus on Do. While on tour, I often hired a “local” caddie when my tour caddie was not available. These local caddies always wanted to emphasize all of the trouble on the golf course. So, the first rule of thumb I always gave a local … [Read more...]