Bobby Jones on the Importance of Mental Golf

Bobby Jones at Age 14. Photo from Wikipedia

While everyone acknowledges the greatness of Tiger Woods, older golfers might label Bobby Jones as the greatest golfer of all time.  Bobby Jones accomplished the incredible feat of winning the Grand Slam in golf - all the major tournaments in a single year.  Bobby wrote extensively about his swing and coaches have talked about his swing for many years but one item is being neglected and that is Bobby Jones on the Importance of Mental Golf. In a long out of print book by golf great Gene … [Read more...]

Mental Golf Training For Complete Beginners

mental golf for complete beginners

Idea -- what about mental golf training for complete beginners? I was at the driving range yesterday, and two young women in their 20's were taking their first golf lesson next to me.  Both these women had never held a club in their hands before, and yet they both had an outstanding attitude and mental approach to learning the game.  I know the Pro, (Mike Olmstead), so later I asked him what he thought about creating a program of mental golf training for complete beginners. Now, … [Read more...]

Mental Golf Training Software, Pro Mental Coach

Mental Golf

Here at we are constantly testing and evaluating all kinds of mental golf training software.  Pro Mental Coach was recently written up in USA Today, and has been getting some buzz around the internet too, so we're going to take a closer look at it. Why is mental golf training so important? Because golf, perhaps more than any other sport, demands more of your mind than your physical skills. Here's what Pro Golfer Tom Murphy says: “Let’s face it, 95 percent of this game … [Read more...]

Mental Golf Training On The Golfers Mind Website

mental golf training

Welcome to Golfers  We search the internet every day to bring you the best articles, videos, and mental golf training. Mental Golf Training Categories golf mental game mental golf training good mental golf concentration mental side of golf golf mental approach renegade mental golf improve your golf subliminal golf messages mental golf tips mental golf questions and answers mental golf videos You can get a free copy of an amazing lost manuscript "Secrets To … [Read more...]